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We accept all insurance policies that have coverage for Acupuncture.  Please call our office and we can verify your insurance coverage.


* Medicare - you must have an Advantage Added benefit plan that covers acupuncture. If you have Humana, this is called an MSB plan.  ** Dr. Chase is the only in-network Acupuncturist for Humana in all of Pasco County.

While general medicare now covers acupuncture, they will only cover if you see an MD that does acupuncture.

* Medicaid -you must have Managed Care supplemental insurance to be covered for acupuncture.


IF YOU ARE A VETERAN AND WANT TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Please call your VA PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER (your VA doctor) and ask to be referred to Dr. Karen Chase, L.Ac. at Veterans Acupuncture Center of Florida.

The referral/authorization should be faxed to us at:  (727)998-8387.  We will contact you to schedule an appointment as soon as we receive the referral. We cannot schedule your appointment until we receive your referral/authorization number.


At Veterans Acupuncture Center of Florida,  we provide  acupuncture treatments for veterans and military personnel. Having had successful results in treating acute & chronic pain, PTSD, depression, anxiety and other imbalances, we encourage all veterans to use acupuncture as part of a multidisciplinary approach to resolving their symptoms.


PH: 727-998-8387  ext. 1

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